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Who are the trainings dedicated to?

Our trainings are dedicated to HVAC designers, technical workers, sales representatives of HVAC systems and installation parts as well as students of HVAC and HVAC-related fields of study. All training subjects and examples have been selected so that both beginners and more experienced users are able to gain maximum knowledge and practical skills.

What does the training look like?

The training may be performed as a presentation or a workshop, during which users perform each designing step simultaneously with the trainer.

Due to the ongoing epidemic situation, we consider on-line workshops as the preferred form. Most time of such an on-line training, the trainer shows the desktop while performing and commenting next designing steps. During the training, users may report problems to the trainer (via chat or orally) and, if necessary, share his/her desktop whether the problems do not allow to perform further steps.

We strongly invite you to take part in workshops as it is the most efficient form of training.

Who are the trainers?

Trainings are performed by the InstalSoft staff of engineers with theoretical and practical knowledge of HVAC systems and with experience in teaching software usage and resolution of users’ program issues.

What is the training price?

The training price results from an hourly fee and training duration, considering also the following daily time limits:

  • for on-line trainings: min 1h, max 4h,
  • for trainings conducted at the InstalSoft seat or at a place chosen by the Ordering Party: min 3h, max 6h.
  • The price DOES NOT CHANGE regardless of the number of trainees; however, the group may consist of 10 people at a maximum.

    You may find current hourly prices in our Shop. For each subject block, an estimated duration period has been established. Thanks to this, you may compose you own training agenda, accordingly to users’ needs and interests.

    Extraordinary trainings/consultations prices are determined individually.

    What are the hardware requirements?

    In case of a workshop training:

    1. computer fulfilling current hardware requirements, according to the HelpSystem article.

    2. Installed, updated and activated InstalSystem 5 package.

    Attention! You have not obtained a licence yet?

    Not a problem! – for the training time and purposes, you will receive a FREE program licence in a configuration that will allow you to take part in the training event.

    3. In case of on-line workshops, 2 monitors or a monitor and a display, one for displaying the presentation and the other one for performing next designing steps.

    4. In case of an on-line presentation, a random computer with speakers/headphones and, optionally, a microphone for audio communication.

    On-line trainings are conducted with use of the MS Teams or ClickMeeting programs. Participation in such sessions do not require their installation, access is granted by an Internet browser. The platform allows to perform a two-way video and audio communication along with a chatbox.

    What training plans are available?

    Currently, training programs may be composed on the basis of the following standard program plans for the InstalSystem 5 software package:

    1. Introduction to the work with the package InstalSystem 5

    2. Preparation of complete building structure with calculation of heat load for rooms.

    3. Designing of heating systems with convective radiators.

    4. Designing of radiant heating floor and wall installation.

    5. Designing of radiant (ceiling, wall) panel heating/cooling installation.

    6. Designing of water supply system installation.

    7. Designing installations with flat stations.

    Further training plans in preparation (waiting time for scheduling of the training may be longer):

    8. BIM design in InstalSystem 5 (training duration ca. 3 hours)

    9. InstalSmart - quick calculations and listing of underfloor heating system elements in the mobile application (duration of the training: ca. 1 hour)

    10. Designing convection and radiant cooling systems in InstalSystem 5 (duration of training: ca. 2 hours)

    How to order a training?

    Send us an e-mail at with:

  • numbers of chosen training plans as above
  • suggested training dates, taking into consideration daily time limits for a single training (see “What is the training price?”)
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