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InstalSystem 5 is an incredibly ergonomic tool for designing and performing indoor heating, cooling and sanitary systems as well as heating load calculations.

More information on calculation and sizing possibilities for various project scopes can be found in the InstalSystem 5 package module descriptions:

    InstalSystem 5 working environment:

  • InstalSystem base module and Package Manager
  • Building thermal calculations, designing and sizing of radiant systems and radiators:

  • Heat Loss (Heat Load)
  • Energy certificate and characteristics PL
  • Radiator sizing
  • Radiant systems
  • Panel systems
  • Dry system boards arrangement
  • Integrated 2D/3D network designing and calculations:

  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Hydraulic control loops
  • Tap water systems
  • Tap water extensions
  • Flat stations
  • Communication and BIM integration:

  • VDI radiators interface
  • VDI valves interface
  • gbXML (BIM) Import - prototype
  • IFC (BIM) import basis - prototype
  • IFC (BIM) building data interpretation
  • IFC (BIM) heating/cooling system export
  • IFC (BIM) tap water system export
  • IFC (BIM) building structure elements export
  • Material list processing (including GAEB/UGS export)

    With the newest generation of our software, we deliver you a fully integrated graphical-computational environment that offers you the following:

  • easy and intuitive 2D editor on storey plan views
  • automatic and data-editable 3D building structure generation
  • automatic generation of data-editable plain schematic views (*in preparation)
  • possibility of importing plan views or building structures from various formats, including DWG, PDF, JPG files and BIM models (gbXML, IFC); editing plan views in the program (no import)
  • enhanced possibilities of declaring general data and default types linked with advanced and intelligent data inheritance
  • advanced automatic procedures supporting generating and designing pipe feeds for radiant floor systems, designing heating loops, radiator connections, implementing elements on a project, editing groups of elements, recognizing partitions and many other functions supporting work automation
  • advanced and complex hydraulic and balancing calculations along with sizing of regulatory products as well as elaborate diagnostics of data and results correctness
  • unique possibility of using predefined hydraulic control loops for advanced balancing, prepared with leaders In regulatory and balancing solutions
  • possibility of designing and calculating installations containing flat stations
  • easy access to data change and to project recalculation thanks to high degree of editing and calculation process integration
    in one software package
  • complex material bills along with graphical presentation of products used in a given project
  • enhanced possibilities of project printouts and table results as well as export of data into various formats
  • new, user-friendly interface, allowing to work simultaneously on two monitors and to save personalized window layout
  • possibility of downgrading the software in order to open and elaborate a project prepared with an older version of the software with simultaneous preparing new projects with its newest, up-to-date version
  • advanced system of software update and package configuration management

InstalSystem package is offered in company versions and in InstalSoft version.

InstalSystem 5 package is available in the following market versions:
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Czech RepublicCzech DenmarkDanish HollandDutch EnglishEnglish (Int.) FranceFrench
GermanyGerman GreeceGreek HungaryHungarian ItalyItalian LithuaniaLithuanian
NorwayNorwegian PolishPolish PortuguesePortuguese RomanianRomanian RussiaRussian
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