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Recent months have brought great changes in the InstalSystem 5 package. Apart from publication of next catalogues, adjusted to use full scope of the package possibilities, and delivery of new customized software versions for various producers, the following three functional modules have been released:

  • Tap water systems module –allows designing tap water systems with automatic elements sizing, hydraulic calculation, bill of materials as well as 2D and 3D presentation.

  • Tap water extensions module – introduces additional, advanced functionalities within designing tap water systems, i.e. calculation of ring installations in scope of apartments, as well as output time for domestic hot water for a given receptor.

  • Flat stations module – allows designing heating and sanitary installations with use of flat stations, whose aim is to deliver heating medium to a given heating installation and to heat domestic hot water with a built-in heat exchanger.

The modules are available in scope of InstalSoft full packages as well as some customized software versions.

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